Welcome to the TeleMessage Developer’s Zone! 


Looking to use our advanced messaging capabilities such as scheduled messages, messages to multiple recipients, messages with attachments, sending text, voice, fax and email messages, or getting incoming messages and replies


We suggest you use our XML API.


You can learn how to submit different types of messages here. Note that in most sections, we provide code samples in Java, VB, PHP and C# on the right. 


You can also learn how to receive replies and messages at this link


You can also use this page to experiment and test XML submissions, or use this page to track the delivery of messages and replies. You can process the error codes based on these response codes.                                     


You can find more information at our FAQs, Utility Methods, Libraries, or other APIs


You can also get Short Codes and Long Codes from us. 


And you can also learn how do combine our APIs with our web portalapps, and administration capabilities.


To learn more about creating an account, please click here


Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance.