The Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP) is a protocol that defines a method by which a pager can receive a message over the Internet. 

The TeleMessage SNPP API enables the sending of SMS messages, receive message status and receive replies.


  1. PAGEr
  2. MESSage
  3. RESEt
  4. SEND
  5. QUIT
  6. HELP
  7. DATA
  8. LOGIn
  9. HOLDuntil
  10. CALLerid
  11. SUBJect
  12. 2WAY
  13. EXPTag
  14. PAGEr (2way)
  15. SEND (2way)
  16. MSTAtus

SNPP General Error Status

Status Description
Timeout reached 421, “Timeout reached (terminate connection)”
Exceeded number of allowed transactions 421, “Exceeded number of allowed transactions”
Server is busy 421, “Service is busy!”
Service Unavailable 421, “Gateway Service Unavailable (terminate connection)”
Unknown command 500, “Command Not Implemented”
User not logged 550, “You need to login first”
Unexpected error 554, “Error, failed (technical reason)”


Note: in order to send an IP Push Notification, you would send the message as if you were sending an SMS. TeleMessage checks if the recipient has the application. If so, the message will then be sent as an IP Push Notification. Please configure whether you want to send IP Push Notifications only, or enable SMS Fallback to ensure that messages will be delivered to the recipient in case the IP Push Notification fails via the TeleMessage web portal.  

Have a paging tool you’d like to configure? Read more here about setting up popular paging tools with TeleMessage.