Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is an Internet standard for e-mail transmission.

TeleMessage SMTP gateway allows the customer to send emails to the TeleMessage gateway, indicating the required recipient type and address, such as SMS, fax, telephony etc. The gateway will convert the message according to the required format and deliver the message to the recipient.


  1. The user is registered to the TeleMessage system and has a valid user name and password.
  2. The sender has registered his email address with TeleMessage, and TeleMessage has provisioned this email to allow messages to be sent from that email address alone.
  3. In order to enable access to our SMTP protocol, please contact our support team and provide us with your email address (or domain of addresses) and the IP address from which you’ll be sending email messages. You should also let us know which TeleMessage account we should associate with this email address for message delivery.

Message Format

Each message delivered to TeleMessage should be delivered to the following address (depending on receiving device and message type):


It contains the following parts:

  • County_Code-Area_Code-Local_Number: variant part. A phone number in international format. For example for the phone number: +17816170000.
  • @Device: constant part. States that this message should be delivered as this device to the next number.
  • constant part. The TeleMessage URL that will receive the message.

For example, to deliver a SMS message to the mobile number: +1 781 6170000, we would use the following e-mail address:

Available devices and formats:

Device Exact Device Format Available Inputs
SMS* SMS Text and audio
Business Phone Business Text and audio
Mobile Phone Mobile Text and audio
Home phone Home Text and audio
Fax Fax Office Documents,PDF, Text and Graphics


Default: You may omit the “Device” from the email address. If you choose to do it, the system will use “SMS” as the default.


will be considered as

If you are sending messages that use non-Latin characters (not including accents), you will need to encode your message in UTF8. Click here to learn more about UTF8 encoding or read our FAQ about encoding an email header

*In order to send an IP Push Notification, you would send the message as if you were sending an SMS. TeleMessage checks if the recipient has the application. If so, the message will then be sent as an IP Push Notification. Please configure whether you want to send IP Push Notifications only, or enable SMS Fallback to ensure that messages will be delivered to the recipient in case the IP Push Notification fails via the TeleMessage web portal

Note: The default format for SMS messages sent through SMTP is <your subject>,<your message>. You can change the template in the TeleMessage Web Portal in Settings > Preferences > SMS Templates. 

The system recognizes the sender based on his email address which should be predefined in the system. You should contact a TeleMessage representative to make sure the system supports the email address which you will be using to send messages from.

Emails longer than 160 characters sent as SMS may be received as multiple sequential SMS depending on the destination network and TeleMessage user account settings. Messages sent to a telephone device will be converted to a voice file and played to the recipient by Text-To-Speech engine.

Messages sent to a telephone device will be converted to a voice file and played to the recipient by Text-To-Speech engine.