We offer messaging alternatives, including SMS, voice, fax,and email, so you can easily manage all of your communications withTeleMessage.


WithTeleMessage, you can send secure and reliable SMS messages to colleagues, clients, partners, family and friends that don’t have the app.

Web to Mobile Messaging

Send and receive SMS messages directly from your desktop through the TeleMessage Web Interface.

Application-to-Person Messaging

Connect to our automation APIs to enable Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging.

SMS Fallback

When we’re on the go, we don’t always have data connectivity or WiFi to receive smart push notifications. Any internet-based messages are converted into SMS messages within a certain period of time to ensure delivery of urgent and critical notifications to colleagues and customers around the globe.

Additional Benefits:

  • Blast bulk SMS messages to large distribution lists.
  • Send long concentrated SMS messages.
  • Support long and short codes.
  • Two-way messaging.

Read more about SMS short codes and long codes.

 SMS_Voice_Fax_Email_2 Voice Messaging

Send pre-recorded voice messages that are delivered to the recipient as a telephone call.Compose text messages that are converted into voice messages using our Text-to-Speech engine and delivered to the recipient as a telephone call.

Key Features:

  • Automated retry process until receipt is confirmed.
  • Enable message escalation/chasing on several devices.
  • Customization of call prompts.
  • Get status reports on whether the call was delivered, line busy, no-answer, or reached voicemail.

Go to the TeleMessage Web Interface and start sending voice messages or integrate your existing IT systems with our APIs.


It’s time to get rid of your fax machine.Send fax transmissions directly from your computer through our web interface.


  • Supports Word, PDF, and other formats.
  • Send as many documents as you need with our bulk transmission options.
  • Configure auto-retry for failed transmission delivery.
  • Get delivery status reports.





 SMS_Voice_Fax_Email_4 Email

Take advantage of our bulk email web service available through our web interface. Manage your mailing lists and improve your email campaigns through our tracking and reporting features.









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