The Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) is a protocol used by the telecommunications industry for exchanging SMS messages between Short Message Service Centers (SMSC) and/or External Short Messaging Entities (ESME).

The customer will need a level of familiarity with SMPP functionality, and follows the SMPP v3.4 specification.

Account Data

In order to connect to the service, the following data is needed:

  • IP Address and Port: this is the TCP/IP endpoint on which the ESME should connect to.
  • System_id : this is the username of your account configured on the platform.
  • Password: password for the above account.
  • Service type : distinguish the account type for the others on the platform. Not always mandatory and dependent on the project scope.

Submit a Message

Messages should be submitted with submit_sm, using either the short_message or message_payload fields.

The following diagram illustrates a typical SMPP request/response sequence between an SMSC and an ESME bound as a Transmitter.



TeleMessage will act as the Server (Receiver) side. The client should be opening the connections.

Establishing a VPN connection between the client and the platform is highly recommended.

For further information, please contact us.

enquire link

The application should issue an enquire_link every 30 seconds (recommended). This will ensure the link stays active even when it is not in use.


Document Name Version
Short Message Peer to Peer Protocol Specification v3.4 – Issue 1.2
SMPP Error Code Support Protocol Specification v3.4

To get SMPP access you’ll need to provide us information about your server, IP and other SMPP binding. Please contact our support team to get the SMPP integration document.

Note: In order to send an IP Push Notification, you would send the message as if you were sending an SMS. TeleMessage checks if the recipient has the application. If so, the message will then be sent as an IP Push Notification. Please configure whether you want to send IP Push Notifications only, or enable SMS Fallback to ensure that messages will be delivered to the recipient in case the IP Push Notification fails via the TeleMessage web portal

Note: In order to deliver numeric sourced messages, the SMPP v3.4 protocol requires that the digit “1” be placed in source_addr_ton (Type of Number for source address) as per the Protocol Specification v3.4 specifications:

5.2.5 addr_ton, source_addr_ton, dest_addr_ton, esme_addr_ton

                                   TON Values









Network Specific


Subscriber Number






All other values reserved