1. regUser

• userName – Gets the user login name (mandatory – usually the user MSISDN).
• mobilePhone – User mobile phone (mandatory – can duplicate the user name field).
• type – User type. (mandatory)
• Password – the new user password. (optional)
• email – The user email address. (optional)
• firstName – Gets the user first name. (optional) *
• middleName – Gets the user middle name. (optional)
• lastName – Gets the user last name. (optional) *
• type – The user type(mandatory).
• language – The user language(optional)
• country – The user country. (optional)
• timeZone – The user tome zone. (optional, If timeZone not sent uses its admin time zone)

* – if both first name and last name are empty, user’s first name will be his mobile phone number.

2. tmResponse

• statusCode – A list of status codes will be supplied
• statusDetail The status text description.

3. wsUserTmResponse

Object will extend tmResponse and will include extra object from type regUser for retrieving the sign up user information data.

4. ReportNamesResponse

Object will extend Response and will include extra object from type array of String that will contain report names allowed for this user.

5. ReportField

• name – name of report field
• mandatory – defines if current report field is mandatory
• value – value of this report field (filled when sending to TeleMessage SOAP)
• type – type of report field

    i. STRING – represents string
    ii. NUMBER – represents number
    iii. DATE – represents date (must be “mm/dd/yyyy”)
    iv. TIMEZONE – represents time zone (e.g. GMT)
    v. USERTYPE – user type or list (comma separated) of user types
    vi. NUMBER_COUNTRY – two letter country code (e.g. ‘US’, ‘RU’…see ISO-3166 on http://userpage.chemie.fu-berlin.de/diverse/doc/ISO_3166.html)

6. ReportParametersResponse

Object will extend Response and will include extra object from type array of ReportField.

7. ReportResponse

Object will extend Response and will include extra field from type array of byte (byte representation of excel or csv file sent from telemessage – according to outputType sent in getReport)

8. AuthenticationDetails

Object that includes both user login and password.