TeleMessage Smart Push Notifications

What is a push notification?

Without getting too technical, a push notification lets an application notify you of new messages or events even when you aren’t using the application.

What can you do with push notifications? Send free messages! 

That’s right. Unlike SMS messages, which use your mobile carrier to send messages to other mobile devices, TeleMessage only needs an internet connection, whether it’s your data plan or Wifi.

Fallback to SMS

This is a unique TeleMessage feature. In case push notifications can’t be delivered through your data plan or Wifi, the message is then sent as a SMS message.

Send Attachments

Attach files including pictures, videos, audio recordings and documents.

Keep Message Secure

Push notifications can be encrypted from end-to-end, and during “transport” between devices, so that no one can access your messages besides you and the intended recipient.

No character limits.

SMS messages only let you insert 160 characters per message. With push notifications, you’re free to include as many characters as you want.

Advanced Delivery Notifications

Some other apps out there will let you know if a message has been sent and delivered. The TeleMessage App will not only notify you whether the message has been sent, delivered, read and expired.

Group Chat & File Sharing

Collaborating with colleagues has become even easier with the TeleMessage App. Create groups and share data and files amongst group members.