Push Notification Configuration for IOS

Configure Push Notifications for iOS

icon_img1 Push Notifications allows an app to notify you of new messages or events without the need to actually open the application.In iOS, push notifications can allow an app to update its ‘badge’ icon, showing how many new messages waiting for you in the app.


For example, the TeleMessage App icon will show the number “1”when you have one unread message.

You can also see Push Notifications on your lock screen, and in the notification center, which you can access by swiping a finger from the top of the iPhone/iPad downward toward the bottom.

The next section will show you how to modify your Push Notifications settings on iOS devices:

  1. First you’ll need to install the TeleMessage App on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Go to Settings:

Your Settings display depends on which version of the iOS you’re running.

  1. In iOS 7 and higher, tap “Notification Center”.
    In earlier versions of iOS, tap the Notifications menu and move the slider to “On”. Turning on your notifications reveals the apps on your device that support push notifications.


  1. In iOS 7, the main Notification Center screen lists a number of options, as well as apps that support push. Unless you have security constrains, it will most probably look like this:

If you scroll further down, you will see the applications that can display push notifications.


Make sure the TeleMessage app is turned on.



  1. There are multiple ways for push notifications to display content to you. You control these options by app, so different apps can display their content differently. To control these options, tap on an app.


For TeleMessage, this should look like this:

  1. And if you scroll further down, you’ll see some additional things you can configure:


Tip: you can tap on the different options, and move the slider to change your settings.
For secrecy, you might want to change the Alert Style option: None, Banners (will open as a stack of small messages on the iPhone’s home or lock screen), or Alerts (bigger boxes that are centered on the home screen).
Choose whether you want a Badge App Icon to appear.
Choose if a sound will play when there’s an alert, and if the phone will make a vibration.


For alerts to appear in the Notification Center: choose the number the app notifications to appear in the Notification Center (1, 5, or 10).


Lastly, you can choose whether or not notifications appear on your iPhone’s lock screen.