Registration Process 

1. The provider web service send a provisioning command by retry x times for each y seconds, along with the user’s MSISDN and service number, to TeleMessage server via TeleMessage WEB API (SOAP).

    The provider will have to pass an administrator user name & password along with the new user details and he will go through authorization process.
    New user details will include the RegUser object (field’s detailed description will be referred later in this document).

2. TeleMessage server performs a provisioning of the customer information into its server (database) and sends acknowledgement to the provider web service.

3. TeleMessage server then generates a new password for this user.

To register a new user, use the “signUp” method.

2. Un-Registration Process

In this case, a user wants to un-register the service but still use the same phone number (MSISDN). TeleMessage server will only change the status from ‘active’ to ‘suspend’ and not delete the user profile from the database. This means no user will be able to register with this MSISDN again. (Note that this will prevent this same user to gain free messages again after he re-activates (register) the service.)

    The provider web service retry to send a command x times for each y seconds to TeleMessage server via TeleMessage WEB API (SOAP) to change the customer status to ‘suspend’ – the user profile will not be deleted from the database at TeleMessage. Note that user profile will not be deleted from TM DB in order to prevent user get free promotion more than 1 time when they register again.

To unregister a user, use the “changeUserStatus” method.

3. Changing Phone Number Process

In this case, a user wants to change his phone number (MSISDN) and continue the service. Here, he will not receive some free messages with the phone number because he is still the same customer.

To update a user login use the “updateUserLogin” method to send the new information.

4. Terminating Phone Number or Change Owner Process

In this case, a user would like to terminate his/her phone number (MSISDN) or change the owner to another one from the provider.

This implies a termination of this user from the provider Toolbar service as well. Therefore, the user profile will be deleted from TeleMessage server.

To terminate an account, use the “changeUserStatus” method.