Two-Way Messaging


Receiving Text Messages to Your Virtual Number


Two-Way Text Messaging allows you to interact with the people receiving messages from your automated systems.

This is highly useful for one-question polls, get status updates, register to events, etc.

You can either use a dedicated number or a TeleMessage system number.

  1. Purchase your unique mobile number.

    This is included in our $99/month plan. Or Contact us to purchase a number.

    Or use a FREE shared number

  2. In your SMS settings, configure to get “Replies to Outbound Messages” > “Use a system allocated number (or my personal short/long code). Recipients will be able to reply to these messages, and replies will appear in my Inbox.”


  3. Configure to get replies and incoming messages routed to:

    • An external URL API – use our forwarding and routing rules. See images below.
    • You can add an “auto reply” message for people texting you.
    • You can also view/get messages in our web portal.

  4. You can configure a fixed URL (for replies and Incoming) in your forwarding preferences as explained above.
    Additionally, the fixed URL should accept inbound HTTP Post requests.
    First time users with a new domain will need to be whitelisted. Please contact or your account manager with your IP address.
  5. Example for the XML structure for incoming and replies  you will receive to the URL you set – XML structure of incoming messages
  6. Example for XML structure for incoming and replies that contains attachments –  receive responses in XML format.
  7. For statuses you can contact us to set fixed URL in your account  (Please contact or your account manager with your URL). You can also change the URL address for each message using this XML structure –request for push status.