TeleMessage Secure Messaging Mobile Apps for Android & iOS

TeleMessage is an “all-in-one” messaging solution: you have the flexibility to send free text messages from the TeleMessage App on your mobile device, or directly from your desktop via our web interface.

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App_Description1 Secure Messaging 
Tools such as end-to-end encryption keep messages secure.

PIN Code Protection
Lock the application on your mobile device with a PIN code so that only you have access to the application.

Time-Limited Messages
Messages after a certain period of time will automatically be deleted from the device.


Free Text Messages/Smart Push Notifications
Seamless delivery of messages sent via the Internet.

Group Messaging
Create groups and interact with multiple co-workers.

Advanced Delivery Notification
Know whether the message has been sent, delivered, read or expired.


App_Description3 Pop Up Notifications
You’ll know every time you get a message with pop up alerts, vibrate & blink LED.

Fallback to SMS
Any message not delivered as a Push Notification within a configurable time is sent as an SMS.

Delivery Status Tracking
All inbound & outbound messages tracked in the TeleMessage web interface so you can manage all of your communications.


Organize Messages
Keep all of your messages in one place, whether they are free text or SMS messages.

Files & Attachments
You can send pictures, videos, audio files & even location.

Auto Forwarding
Set up auto forwarding so another mobile device receives your messages.

Personalized Themes & Styles
A variety of colors, fonts, and sizes for you to choose from.