Brand New Features in TeleMessage Android Version

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In Android Version 2.0.18, TeleMessage users can now:

1. Send broadcast messages to recipients who do and don’t have the agent; replies to broadcast messages will open individual chat threads between the original sender and recipient; senders can also name broadcast messages that are sent on a recurring basis. This new feature is great for those who need to send notifications and alerts.

2. Our audio recorder has been given a makeover.









3. We’ve updated the system ringtone (aka, it’s not as annoying as it was!).

4. In order to improve security, users will no longer be able to save attachments to the SD Card. What happens in TeleMessage, stays in TeleMessage.

5. Updated notification/status bar

6. Contacts are now arranged in alphabetical order within groups

7. And of course, additional bug fixes







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