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Behind the Scenes at TeleMessage

By the TeleMessage Server Programming Team I was thinking the other day about how an outsider would imagine working at a small high-tech company such as TeleMessage. Surely some might … Read more

Cost v.s. Service

By Yossi Shteingart, Director of Operations I always thought that writing a blog would be exciting, but I never got the chance to actually write one. Needless to say I … Read more

Feeling “at Home” at Work

By Ofer Dangoor, VP of R&D Ideas, created by individuals, are at the core of every innovation. In technology companies, R&D managers supervise highly creative people and due to the … Read more

Walking a Fine Line

By Hadar Sharon, Director of Product Management Meeting the Challenges of User Design (UX) for both iOS and Android Applications When I joined TeleMessage as a product manager, I laid … Read more

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