Android Archiver

Meet your compliance & regulatory needs with 100% SMS archiving, monitoring and analysis.

How to Download the TeleMessage Android Archiver


I’m an Administrator at a Company I’m an Employee at a Company
1. Purchase Archiver licenses from your TeleMessage sales representative. 1. Users must be managed under an organization’s administrator, and have a TeleMessage user account in order to run the Android Archiver App.
2. Go to ‘User management’ and select the users that you to use the app via the Administrator Interface. Sign up for an account here. 2. To open a TeleMessage user account, please fill out the following form.
3. Invite users to download the app. 3. To run the app, please contact your organization’s administrator.
4. Once the users install the app and logs in, messages are automatically backed/synced/archived. 4. For further inquires, contact our Support Team.


Download the App from the Google Play Store


  • • The TeleMessage Android Archiver App allows organizations to easily archive their employees’ text messages.
  • • Once installed, and logged into, the Android Archiver silently works in the background, archiving SMS & MMS messages to the TeleMessage Archive.
  • • Messages are archived in real-time, with the option to select different archiving schedules simultaneously.
  • • Messages are automatically archived from the last point of archive in case of a lost connected between the Archiver App and TeleMessage servers to ensure that no message is ever lost.
  • • The Archiver App can also be set to WiFi Only to save costs on cellular data.
  • • All archived content in the TeleMessage Archive can be forwarded to the organization’s central archive or data storage of choice.