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TeleMessage for AirWatch ®

Seamless Integration with the AirWatch Platform

The TeleMessage Secure Mobile Messaging App for iOS and Android supports AirWatch’s MAM standards. Take advantage of TeleMessage’s Secure Mobile Messaging while supporting every endpoint and every user from a single management console. Guarantee security at every layer for complete protection of your corporate data.

TeleMessage for AirWatch builds in support for AirWatch security policies, custom settings and administrator actions using an AirWatch provided toolkit. This app provides all of the same great features you know from the regular TeleMessage mobile app, but now with additional security and management capabilities.

  • The TeleMessage Secure Mobile Messaging App is integrated into a secure container on the device.
  • TeleMessage is tested and verified with MyAirwatch 8.4.
  • Our Android version is done using a wrapper and the iOS version is done using the SDK.
  • The solution enforces security policies and protects devices using AirWatch authentication.
  • Securely stores user information and wipes it if device is compromised.
  • Integrates with other AirWatch apps to open documents.
  • Containerizes passcode access.

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