Going Above and Beyond Compliance: Advantages of Archiving Mobile Content

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Enterprise mobile archiving is a hot topic in sectors such financial, government, and healthcare. Without it, many companies would be unable to meet the requirements of the ever-changing and ever-complex recordkeeping regulations.

In the U.S., regulatory bodies such as NARA, FINRA, SEC, and HIPAA are just a few of the authorities and legislation which strictly implement a plethora of data archiving regulations to ensure transparency and protect the data privacy of the general public.

With the unprecedented growth of smartphones and mobile apps in today’s workplace, it is imperative for organizations to establish robust archiving policies and to have a reliable enterprise mobile archiving platform in place to ensure 100% compliance. Trends in enterprise data archiving clearly imply that more and more organizations are placing emphasis on archiving. According to IDC, most organizations are planning to increase spending on archiving (61%) in the coming year, with ensuring compliance with government and internal record retention policies as one of the major drivers of this trend.

But regulatory compliance is not the only reason why organizations should archive their work-related mobile content. Tracking and capturing employee conversations from various communication channels can actually help businesses organizations to gain the upper hand during litigation, and even improve their operational efficiency in the long run.

Supporting eDiscovery

Being involved in a lawsuit is certainly the last thing that all business owners want to happen. But in reality, it is a real business risk that must be addressed. Whether as a plaintiff, as a defendant, or as an interested third-party, companies and organizations should be able to rely on retained data such as archived SMS text messages, in case they need to pursue legal action or defend themselves in one.

Under the requirements of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, organizations have the obligation to search and produce electronic content, such as email, files and text messages under different circumstances. Such instances can include an eDiscovery order from a court, or it can occur when decision-makers become aware of impending litigation, thus requiring the organization to place a “litigation hold” on data that might be considered relevant for the duration of the potential legal action.

With a reliable message archiving platform, an organization will be able to place a hold on data immediately when requested by court, regulator or on the advice of legal counsel, and also allow them to suspend deletion policies and practices and retain the data for as long as required.

Gain Valuable Business Insight 

Mobile archiving not only benefits organizations from compliance and legal discovery standpoints, but also from a business perspective as well. Continuous improvement, oversight, and data archiving are playing ever-more critical roles in maintaining competitiveness in the market.

When you have a reliable archiving solution, you will be able to analyze and create valuable insights from your archived mobile content in a timely and secure way. If you treat your archived mobile content as a strategic corporate asset rather than just bulk of data that you should only use for compliance and eDiscovery purposes, you will be able to acquire a wealth of never-seen-before insights about your organization, and which you can also use to make the nuts-and-bolts of your data management more efficient.

Improve IT Productivity and Efficiency

Another reason why your organization must archive mobile content is that it allows the people within your business to access older content without the need to store them on a live server or in the device’s storage.

This capability benefits both the end users and IT department of your organization. Your authorized employee will be able to access the content in their mobile device as old as needed, and without having to bother the IT with requests to search for and restore these conversations. Furthermore, contents such as SMS and voice calls will be automatically archived as soon as they pass through the mobile device storage. Thus users can clean up their mailboxes without the worry of losing important conversations.

Such benefits all in all reduce the cost and time for backup, upgrades, and database tuning cost that organizations will incur in the long-run.

Overall, choosing the right mobile archiving solution can open up new possibilities for your organization. When looking for an enterprise mobile archiving platform, make sure to look for a solution with features that will help you effectively capture mobile content, including SMS, MMS, Calls, and Chats from corporate or BYOD mobile phones, and will store these communications in a Write Once Read Many (WORM) format.

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