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8 of the best Mobile Throwbacks with TeleMessage


Not too long ago, still fresh in our memories the iPhone 6 and 6S were released on the 19th of September. Boasting  a new generation M8 motion coprocessor that can tell when you’re cycling, running and can also calculate elevation. On the Messaging App front, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger continue to dominate the social messaging world creating new opportunities for business messaging mostly due to the need to separate social and business messaging and of course BYOD. We too have done our best to adapt to the needs of current technology available, including our Secure Text Messaging solution for healthcare and business messaging as well as obtaining ISO 27001 Certification.


2016 iphone 6s



A large proportion of the public is still sporting the range of cellphones from 2014, affordability being a key factor. People are happy to compromise on the latest gizmos and gadgets in return for a  mobile phone with solid specs and all the initial bugs from initial versions having been ironed out. In the 3rd Quarter of 2014 over 600 million adults aged 16 – 64 were using instant messaging tools on their mobiles, many preferring the use of Whatsapp over the casual SMS. This will also be remembered as the year that Mark Zuckerberg made the famous acquisition for Facebook buying out WhatsApp for a whopping $19 Billion.



Who can forget the BBM revolution? It was all about that closing line… “I’ll BBM you later.” A noticeable secure feature of BBM that was introduced in 2009 four years after the inception of Blackberry Messenger is the PIN Barcode Scanning and GPS. Since then we have seen many strong secure features added to the wide variety of messaging platforms out there… Speaking of which over and above our HIPAA and SOX Compliance standards we have also recently received ISO 27001 Certification.



The Apple iPhone, wow! From day one it has been a game changer. (Can you tell that I own one?) with its’ innovative design and the word recognition feature which learns certain terms that I use frequently. Improved its IMAP e-mail support drastically during this year. The multitouch capabilities and web browser are simply on point given the challenges of EDGE network at the time.



This good looking sleek piece of tech gave the fashionista’s of the time something to talk about and something to talk on! Released towards the end of 2004 it broke into the market on a noticeable scale the following year. With MMS now a common feature, Motorola boasted the models’ instant messaging abilities as well as it’s VGA Camera.



The beginning of the Personal Digital Assistant revolution, combining computing, telephone/fax, Internet and networking features. During this time we also saw the rise of Social Messaging online in forms of the popular MSN as well as ICQ as seen in the screenshot of our website from that year.



The year that most people remember for all the wrong reasons! Goodbye to the boring black screen, this was the year we saw monochromatic display introduced for cell phone screens. Also boasting the monochromatic display the Nokia 3310 was released late in the prior year and surfaced mostly during 2001 with its legendary game… Snake. This phone was popular for its ability to send long SMS text messages it allowed three times the size of the standard SMS text message, a massive 459 characters!