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5 Ways How to Not Send Holiday Text Messages

By December 25, 2014blog

We realize its Christmas morning, and probably most of you are unwrapping presents, or sipping eggnog in front the fireplace, but let me ask you this…is it OK to send holiday greetings via text message?

It’s a sign of the times when you have you have holiday jingles such as ‘Text Me a Merry Christmas’ lamenting on the fact that it’s become rare for people to call or send a letter, instead relying on a text or Facebook message to send their well wishes. 

According to an Ipsos poll of 18,000 people in 24 countries, about 89 per cent of the respondents in Sweden, 84 per cent of South Africans, 83 per cent of Russians and 82 per cent of Spaniards and Indonesians had sent their best wishes by text. Canadians, however, appear less likely than their global counterparts to text message home for the holidays at only 59%, the lowest percentage among the two-dozen countries involved in the survey and well below the global average of 73 per cent.

Whether you’re for or against sending holiday wishes via text, here are some helpful tips to sending holiday greetings to colleagues and customers:

  1. Don’t include any business offering in a holiday greeting—that’s just lame. If you’re going to wish someone Happy Holidays via text, at least be sincere about it.
  2. If you’re using a bulk messaging service that includes personalization, at least get the names correct. Or just don’t even try it at all.
  3. Following up on Tip #2, people know you’re sending a mass text. Don’t pretend it’s been personalized unless it really is. It’s just like when businesses photo copy signatures on greeting cards. It’s tacky and annoying.
  4. Don’t include links to a site no one has ever heard of before. Usually if people have never heard of the website, then they aren’t going to click on the link.
  5. Whatever you do, NEVER do this. You’re guaranteed to never have to send holiday greetings again!

Bottom line: even though we’re a messaging company for crying out loud, we caution texting seasons’ greetings. If you do send them, keep it short and simple with no strings attached.

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year from the TeleMessage Team! 

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