5 Secure Messaging Features You Should Know About

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When it come to secure messaging apps, there are many platforms that promote themselves as secure. Whilst all secure platforms offer the standard end-to-end encryption, there are additional security layers that truly make a messaging app secure. I’m gonna guide you with a quick run through of some additional security features you should consider when choosing which service works best for you or your business.

End-to-end encryption

Mentioned above, this is the base requirement to be considered a secure service. What this practically means is that any data transmitted is encrypted by the sender device and only it and the receiver device hold the cryptographic keys. The company’s server simply acts as an illiterate messenger, passing along messages that itself can’t decipher.

Server storage encryption

Virtually all instant messengers use server-side encryption. Servers are typically more secure than a device since devices are vulnerable to be lost, stolen or physically accessed by an unauthorized person.

Self destructing messages

This feature will cause a message to self destruct after being read. Some services allow the sender to set a pre-determined amount of time before the message self-destructs. Do note that many service providers will hold onto these ‘destroyed’ messages on their server. (Case in point: confusion regarding Snapchat’s storage of personal data led to a Federal Trade Commission investigation in 2013. Snapchat suggested immediate deletion to its users yet holds onto messages for 30 days.)

Restricted sharing

Some platforms such prevent users from sharing or saving any media delivered via the app. This prevents any sensitive data leaking out into the public arena.

Remote lock & wipe

Secure messaging platforms can be managed by an administrator is able to remotely lock access to the messaging platform, in order to safeguard sensitive data. Additionally, a data wipe can be effected if necessary.

In summary, there are several key security features to consider when choosing which messaging platform to use. If you’re worried about your data getting into the wrong hands, then investing in a secure messaging application might be the way to go.


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