TAP (Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol) is a protocol for sending short text messages via a land-line modem to pager and/or SMS. Our TAP server allows subscribers to deliver one-way text messages to receiving devices via dial up modem. Furthermore, TeleMessage App users can get their TAP messages delivered to their mobile devices via the app. 

The information on this page assumes a level of familiarity with TAP functionality, and follows the protocol specification Version 1.8

Below you can find an outline the technical connectivity requirements for sending wireless messages from the service provider/mobile operator to the TeleMessage system. This connectivity is used for receiving wireless messages to the TeleMessage system. TeleMessage will be the Server (Receiver) side and act as a carrier gateway, while the client can be a transient client

The connection settings explained here are based on connectivity using the TAP protocol.





Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol


Dial-up modem capable of sending TAP messages. 

Access Number

Dial up phone number modem calls to send message. 

Pager ID

Phone Number of Receiver Mobile Device


Short Message received to mobile device containing the alphanumeric message text. 


Access Details

TeleMessage will be the Server (Receiver) side and act as carrier gateway, while the client can be a transient client. The client should call the number to send his messages. To receive an inbound phone number for TAP messages, please contact us.


Supported Connection Details

Data Bits: 7
Parity: Even
Stop Bits: 1
Modulation: Bell Standard (103,212A), CCITT V.21, V.22, V.22bis
Error Correction: Disabled
Data Compression: Disabled


The TAP Interface

The diagram below explains the physical network settings and message flow used by TeleMessage to accept TAP messages and deliver them as SMS messages:


*In order to send an IP Push Notification, you would send the message as if you were sending an SMS. TeleMessage checks if the recipient has the application. If so, the message will then be sent as an IP Push Notification. Please configure whether you want to send IP Push Notifications only, or enable SMS Fallback to ensure that messages will be delivered to the recipient in case the IP Push Notification fails via the TeleMessage web portal

TeleMessage can send send SMS or text message alerts to mobile phones. Learn more about TAP to Mobile Text (SMS).

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